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Year Author(s) Title Size
2023 Merrell Recording Pictographs at the Croft Preserve in Idaho 10.6 MB
2023 Jones Places of Power and Mystery 7.1 MB
2023 DeVore Canines in Rock Art - Wolves, Coyotes and Mostly Dogs 10.1 MB
2023 Miller Oil Tankers, Rock Art, and Visits Do Not Mix 3.7 MB
2023 Berrier Snakes, Serpents, and Slithering - Snakes of the Jornada and Mimbres 9.1 MB
2023 Astroth Color Analysis of Rock Art Varnish 4.2 MB
2023 Cook Rock Art Eccentrics Part 2 33.1 MB
2023 Patterson, Carol Rochester Creek Semiotic Analysis 8.5 MB
2023 Jenkinson Kachina Masks in New Mexico Rock Art 31.4 MB
2023 Sucec Ranch Hand "Leonardo" 31.4 MB
2023 Corneli Failures and Successes in Rock Art Conservation 2.7 MB
2022 Loosle Classic Vernal Rock Art Style as a Costly Signal - Part I 0.2 MB
2022 Loosle Classic Vernal Rock Art Style as a Costly Signal - Part II 12.7 MB
2022 Cook Rock Art Eccentrics: Incorporation of Natural Rock Elements Into Rock Art Images 3.8 MB
2022 Acerson, Diana Stop Vandalism Program 3.3 MB
2022 Berrier Tracing the Past: Using 3-D models 4.2 MB
2022 Jenkinson Highlights of the Esplanade Style 45.7 MB
2022 Patterson, Carol Athapaskan Migrations: Ethnohistoric Interpretations 15.2 MB
2022 Patterson, Carol Athapaskan Migrations: Evidence of Apachean Traditions in the Uinta Basin 3.9 MB
2022 Patterson, Carol Sound of Thunder: Thunder Beings 1.7 MB
2022 Sucec Ungainly Ghosts And Other Northern Figures: Update From The Northern Study Area Of The Barrier Canyon Rock Art Style 26.4 MB
2022 Hadden Canyon Pintado National Historic District 7.0 MB
2022 Oliver McConkie Ranch Rock: Art and Evidence of Conflict 0.6 MB
2022 Miller Nine Mile Canyon Grows Up 1.6 MB
2022 McHugh A Prehistoric Native American Pictograph that Signals the Summer Solstice 7.8 MB
2022 DeVore Barrier Canyon Meets the Jurassic: A Brief Overview of Dinosaurs & Rock Art 4.1 MB
2019 Farmer The Peculiar Post-BCS Deterioration of a BCS Panel at Kachina Bridge, Natural Bridges National Monument 5.6 MB
2019 Patterson, Carol Native Voices: Preservation and Conservation Through Native Eyes 7.3 MB
2019 Billo and Mark With Beauty Around: Canyon del Muerto Rock Art Documentation Project 38.9 MB
2019 Acerson, Diana URARA Celebrates 40 Years! 7.9 MB
2019 Jones and Drover Flower World Iconography,and Metaphor in the Rock Art of the Southern Colorado Plateau 11.6 MB
2019 Patterson, Carol Journey into a Mythic Landscape 10.2 MB
2019 Sucec Traveling Through Time; The Shamans Panel in 9 Mile Canyon 11.3 MB
2019 Burrillo The Anthropology of Paleontology 8.9 MB
2019 Patterson, Carol Paiyatuma: God of Mist and Dew, Music and Flowers 5.6 MB
2019 Jenkinson Rock Art of Dinetah: Myths and Cures of Navajo Ceremonialism 8.5 MB
2019 McHugh Using Ethnography to Shed Light on Celestial Motifs in Prehistoric Utah Rock Art 6.9 MB
2019 Lundwall The Sheep Shelter: An Observatory Into the Past 6.0 MB
2019 Manross and Medellin Cataloging Rock Art at the Smith Archaeological Conservancy: A Middle-Schooler’s Perspective 6.6 MB
2019 Merrell Pursuing An ARPA Violation: Do You Have What It Takes? 11.8 MB
2019 Olive Founder: Jim Olive 6.1 MB
2019 Miller Founder: Layne Miller 3.8 MB
2019 Hirt Founder: Bill Hirt 3.4 MB
2019 Acerson, Diana Conservation and Preservation Goal: To Identify, Document, & Protect Rock Art 8.7 MB
2019 Orr Public Lands, Preservation & Politics 9.7 MB
2019 Acerson, Steve BLM West Desert District 4.4 MB
2018 McHugh Some Celestial Rock Art Motifs at Fremont Indian State Park 6.8 MB
2018 Berrier Ceremonial Depictions of Bighorn Sheep Anthropomorphs in the Jornada Mogollon Region 6.8 MB
2018 Patterson Cultural Affiliations of the Western Basketmaker II Style Petroglyphs 11.7 MB
2018 Jenkinson Rock Art of Dinetah: Stories of Heroes and Healing 16.4 MB
2018 Sucec I've Got You Under My Skin; The Figure In Figure Motif In Northern Colorado Plateau Rock Art 14.0.9 MB
2018 Hilbish Great Gallery Pictographs and Correlation to Textile Production: The Clothes Make the Man 2.8 MB
2018 DeVore The Curious Case of the Invisible Panel - A new Barrier Canyon rock art panel in southeast Utah 7.0 MB
2018 Massingale Creating Color in Prehistoric Art of the Southwest Pigment procurement, processing, and application in the pictographs of Utah. 36.0 MB
2018 Rogers Searching for Flute Players, Finding Kokopelli: Phalluses, Fallacies, and Fantasies 2.5 MB
2018 Warner Less Obvious Sex at Bluff, Utah 1.1 MB
2017 Farmer Before Corn: "Sotuknangu" and the Origins of the Gods in Archaic America 7.9 MB
2017 Montoya Graffiti Treatment 1.0 MB
2017 Orr Molen Reef 3.1 MB
2017 Patterson The Mu:kwitsi/Hopi (Fremont) Abandonment and Numic Immigrants into Nine Mile Canyon Rock Art 13.5 MB
2017 Grench Life in the Fast Lane 3.0 MB
2017 Acerson Lake Mountain Rock Art 0.9 MB
2017 Russell The Rock Art and Archaeology of Moab's Colorado River System NRHP 2.4 MB
2017 Sucec Visitors or Migrants? 13.5 MB
2017 Garfinkel Green River Bighorn Sheep Headdress 3.1 MB
2017 Jenkinson A Close Look at the Shaman's Gallery 17.3 MB
2017 Berrier Tantalizing Tassili Tadrart Rock Art 8.8 MB
2017 Scotter What's In A Name? 0.4 MB
2017 McNeil Uintah Basin Basketmaker II Anthropomorphic Style: Antecedent and Ancestral to Classic Vernal Fremont Style Rock Art-Presentation Notes 0.1 MB
2017 McNeil Uintah Basin Basketmaker II Anthropomorphic Style: Antecedent and Ancestral to Classic Vernal Fremont Style Rock Art 12.4 MB
2017 Bohntinsky Labyrinths in Rock Art 0.9 MB
2016 Greer and Greer Western Message Petroglyphs-The Native American Connection 1.7 MB
2016 Patterson and Hadden The Mu:kwitsi/Hopi (Fremont) Abandonment and Numic Immigrants into Nine Mile Canyon as Depicted in the Rock Art 2.0 MB
2016 Garfinkel Myth, Ritual, and Rock Art: Decorated Animal-People and the Coso Animal Master 3.7 MB
2016 Francis and Hora-Cook Rock Art of the Adelbert Doyle Smith Family Archaeological Preserve 0.1 MB
2016 Francis and Hora-Cook Rock Art of the Adelbert Doyle Smith Family Archaeological Preserve 4.0 MB
2016 Acerson Public Awareness Campaign 1.5 MB
2016 Hyder and Bohntinsky Ritual and Rock Art in Basketmaker Ceremonies: Butler Wash Revisited 2.8 MB
2016 Hyder and Bohntinsky Ritual and Rock Art in Basketmaker Ceremonies: Butler Wash Revisited 13.0 MB
2016 Petry What Rock Art Really Tells Us 11.0 MB
2016 Farmer The "Oral Fixation" in Barrier Canyon Rock Art: Visualizing Sound in Ancient American Painting 13.0 MB
2016 Grench Cave Springs History 6.0 MB
2016 Sucec White Figures of the Escalante 14.3 MB
2016 Hilbish Western Message Petroglyphs 0.7 MB
2016 Hughes Rock Art Behind the Glen Canyon Dam 74 MB
2016 Jenkinson Narrative-Close Look At Harvest Scene 5 MB
2016 Jenkinson Photos-Close Look At Harvest Scene 27 MB
2016 Reynosa Dragonfly Petroglyphs and Pictographs 1 MB
2016 Ruskamp Asiatic Echoes 0.7 MB
2015 Sucec The Perplexing Panel 9.7 MB
2014 Sucec Ungainly Ghosts and Other Northern Figures 12.0 MB
2013 Farmer The Great Gallery Goes to New York 2.7 MB
2013 Oravec Yucca, Butterflies, and Flute Players: The Significance of San Juan Basketmaker Rock Art in the Flower World Image Complex 6.6 MB
2013 Sucec Archaic Figures and Figurines 10.3 MB
2011 Malotki and Wallace Columbian Mammoth Petroglyphs from the San Juan River near Bluff, Utah, United States 1.7 MB
2011 Sucec Ancient Painters 6.5 MB
2011 Woodruff Utah's Earliest European Inscriptions 1.4 MB
2012 Sucec Linked Sites 4.9 MB
2010 Gough Rainbows and Arcs in Native American Rock Art 1.2 MB
2010 Jenkinson Rock Art on an Ancient Migratory Route 16.9 MB
2010 Jones The_Shaman's Crook: A Visual Metaphor of Numinous Power in Rock Art 5.9 MB
2010 Sucec A Case of Mistaken Identity 3.2 MB
2009 Sucec Falling Lines 3.4 MB
2008 Bailey It's About Time 0.6 MB
2008 Baker Another Look at 19SJ1156: Atlatl Cave in Chaco Culture National Historical Park, New Mexico 12.2 MB
2008 Gohier Historical Individuals in Fremont Rock Art 25.9 MB
2008 Holmes and Carter The Dynamic Duo: Superheroes of Pahranagat Rock Art 10.4 MB
2008 Jenkinson Landscape, Metaphor, and Meaning in the Experience of Rock Art 19.1 MB
2008 Sucec It's Elementary 2.1 MB
2007 Gorden Women's Business: Symbols on the Rocks 34.7 MB
2007 Gough Sacred Landscape and Native American Rock Art - Part_II 23.7 MB
2007 Manning and Allen The Discovery of Kayenta Basketmaker Rock Art in the Virgin Anasazi Area and the Implications of This Discovery 30.7 MB
2007 Sucec All Mixed Up 2.4 MB
2006 Farmer Thunderstorm Iconography and Site Location in the Barrier Canyon Style 25.6 MB
2006 Gough Sacred Landscape and Native American Rock Art 75.1 MB
2006 Keyser Two Ute Portraits: Late Rock Art on the Colorado Plateau 2.8 MB
2006 Loosley The Land Between 10.0 MB
2006 Sucec Floating Figures 5.8 MB
2005 Bowen Rock Art Styles of the Great Salt Lake, Utah Lake Area 6.7 MB
2005 Everitt The Music Panel, Grand Gulch 3.5 MB
2005 Manning The Importance of the Rock Art in Nine Mile Canyon, Utah 20.0 MB
2005 Matheny and Matheny Nine Mile Canyon Rock Art and Communal Hunting 7.3 MB
2009 Firnhaber Experiencing Rock Art: A Phenomenological Investigation of the Barrier Canyon Tradition 3.7 MB
2009 Gough Lightning and Native American Rock Art 37.0 MB
2009 Gulliford Preserving Sacred Indian Landscapes and Protecting Ancient Rock Art 11.2 MB
2009 Jones Anthropomorphized Crooked Staffs 17.6 MB
2009 McNeil Making Lemonade: Using Graffiti to Date Petroglyphs 3.4 MB
2009 McNeil Hopi Hu Katsina Iconography In Rock_Art And Material Culture: Tracing The Avian Solar Deity From Formative Mesoamerica 8.2 MB
2009 Waller Voices Carry: Whisper Galleries and X Rated Myths of Utah 4.8 MB
2004 Casjens Virgin Anasazi Design: Rock Art And Ceramics 4.4 MB
2004 Ford, Spendlove, Maxwell, & Hutchings Waterglyphs: Ancient Cartography of The Arizona Strip 3.1 MB
2004 Gough The Travertine Point Sun Shrine Cave 1.7 MB
2004 Patterson Dine Navajo Ceremonial Paintings in Western Colorado 6.5 MB
2004 Waller Archaeoacoustics: A Key Role of Echoes At Utah Rock Art Sites 3.2 MB
2004 Warner Rotations: A Slanted Look At Rock Art 5.9 MB
2004 Watchman, Patterson, and McNichol Dating BCS Rock Art At The Great Gallery, Canyonlands, UT 0.5 MB
2003 Gough Trail Shrines in Native American Rock Art 8.0 MB
2003 Manning The Fugitive Pigment Anthropomorphs of Eastern Utah: A Shared Cultural Trait Indicating A Temporal Relationship 50.3 MB
2003 McNeil Seasonal Revival Rites and Rock Art of Minusinsk Basin Colonizers, Siberia 3.8 MB
2003 Patterson Gesture and Sign Language: Reading The Rock Art 5.9 MB
2003 Warner Rock Art As A Form of Prayer 3.6 MB
2002 Farris Native American Paleontology: Extinct Animals in Rock Art 0.6 MB
2002 Gough The Shaman's Medicine Bag Bundle and Pouch In Native American Rock Art 4.2 MB
2002 Manning The Mysterious Ovoids of the Four Corners Region 4.3 MB
2002 Manning The Rock Art of Range Creek 5.0 MB
2002 Miller The Range Creek Rock Art Survey 0.9 MB
2002 Patterson Parallels in Hawaiian Ethnography and Petroglyphs Utlizing Gesture, Posture, and Proxemic Arrangements 0.6 MB
2002 Warner How to Complicate A Simple Circle 1.6 MB
2001 Manning Barrier Canyon Style Petroglyphs - Part II 13.7 MB
2001 Manning 42EM65 - The Temple Mountain Pictograph Panel 5.1 MB
2001 Sucec Holy Ghost in Space 4.7 MB
2001 Sucec Intimate Relations 0.3 MB
2001 Warner Bows, Arrows, and the Act of Shooting 0.5 MB
2000 Bailey The X-Form: Applying Teton Lakota Sioux Cosmology to the Rock Art of the Upper Midwest 1.8 MB
2000 Bailey Consecrated Environments 1.0 MB
2000 Farris Vermillion Canyon Medicine Wheel: A Sacred Site in Northwestern Colorado 3.0 MB
2000 Gough Agony and Ecstasy in Native American Rock Art 7.7 MB
2000 Holmes Foxpelt or Phallus 1.4 MB
2000 Morales Art And Rock_Art: Clarifying The Misconceptions 1.8 MB
2000 Warner Odd Eye Out: More Than Just "Here's Looking at You with One Eye" 6.9 MB
1998 Bowen Boats In The Desert - Part I 3.4 MB
1998 Bush Prehistoric Perspective 8.5 MB
1998 Dean The Art of Schaugaard 4.9 MB
1998 Gough The Wicket-Shaped or Reversed U Bracket of Native American Rock Art In Relation to The Naja of The Squash Blossom Necklace 8.0 MB
1998 Johnson Bedrock Holes 1.8 MB
1998 Morris Rock Art Research: The State of the Art 0.6 MB
1998 Patterson The Bird-head Symbol: Some Speculations As to Its Meaning 5.9 MB
1998 Warner Boats In The Desert - Part II 2.4 MB
1998 Warner An Introduction to the Limits of Variation 5.9 MB
1997 Allee Solstice Marker Design Variations 0.1 MB
1997 Gough By Hook or by Crook: More On The Shaman's Sacred Crook in Native American Rock Art 0.1 MB
1997 Johnson Some Seasonal Elements in Uinta Fremont Rock Art 0.1 MB
1997 Manning Barrier Canyon Style Petroglyphs 0.1 MB
1997 Miller Nine Mile Canyon: Past and Present 1.1 MB
1997 Patterson Asia in America: The Puzzle of Similar Symbols 0.7 MB
1997 Rayl Fremont Arrowheads 0.1 MB
1997 Rudolph and Middents Additional Information on the Willow Creek Observatory, Northern California 3.0 MB
1997 Warner Unique Reputations 0.1 MB
1996 Allee, Fountain, and Seely The Black Dragon Solar Solstice Markers and Calendar 2.5 MB
1996 Al-Tamimi and Al-Tamimi Medical Anthropology and Evidences in Rock Art 6.2 MB
1996 Apostolides Two Petroglyph Sites in Mexico's Bermuda Triangle, Durango Mexico 3.7 MB
1996 Gough The Shaman's Poro (Sacred Crook) in Native American Rock Art 17.4 MB
1996 Henry The Roaming Gentle Giants 2.9 MB
1996 Johnson Toward A Stylish Gut 4.4 MB
1996 Johnson Experimental Horticulture of Dent Corn in Northeastrn Utah After Year One 3.5 MB
1996 King Petroglyphs and Pictographs of the Rio Grande: Time Space and Culture 3.9 MB
1996 Lever Sound Within Rock Art 1.4 MB
1996 Manning Rock Art Symbolism Unique to the Virgin Anasazi Region: A Ritualistic Response to an Arid Environment 3.5 MB
1996 Morris Manifestations of the Fremont Calendar 10.2 MB
1996 Orozco Sego Canyon And The Aztec Calendar Serpents 6.0 MB
1996 Patterson Creation and Calendars: Partners in Meaning 1.4 MB
1996 Patterson Tribal Identities in Petroglyphs of the Western United States 25.1 MB
1996 Spees Photographing From Dawn to Dusk in Coso's Renegade Canyon, CA 7.0 MB
1996 Sucec Water At Buckhorn Wash: Symbolism In Barrier Canyon Style Rock Art 8.9 MB
1995 Allee The_Barrier Canyon Style Pictographs: Why, Where, What, and When They Were Painted 1.4 MB
1995 Bush and Bush Women In Rock Art 1.9 MB
1995 Curtis Book Review of Prehistoric Rock Art of Nevada and Eastern_California 1.0 MB
1995 Freers Maybe I'm Amazed: Comparisons of Maze Imagery in Southern California and the Southwest 2.6 MB
1995 Johnson Patterning To Northeastern Utah Rock Art Sites 0.9 MB
1995 Lever Rock Art and Ethics: A Personal Response 5.6 MB
1995 Pachak Early Rock Art on the San Juan River 0.6 MB
1995 Rayl Developing A Dating Sequence of Rock Art Images 3.5 MB
1995 Sucec Toward A Typology of Barrier Canyon Style Spirit Figures - Early Findings of the BCS Project 1991-1995 2.9 MB
1995 Tompsen Navaho Myth As It Relates to The Coal Canyon Panel 1.0 MB
1995 Warner Learning From Experience 1.7 MB
1999 Bush Prehistoric Women and Rock Art 3.7 MB
1999 Gough The Dancing Shaman and Dancing Ritual in Native American Rock Art 7.9 MB
1999 Green and Holmes Katsinas Come to Kohta Circus 2.8 MB
1999 Patterson Enigmatic Crescents in the Rock Art of Desert Mountain, Utah 1.6 MB
1999 Sucec Ungainly Ghosts: Signs of a Northern Variant in the Barrier Canyon Style 4.8 MB
1999 Warner Looking at Versus Seeing Rock Art: Its Artists and Its Recorders 3.5 MB
1999 Woodruff Land and People: Conserving the Surroundings of Rock Art 6.0 MB
1994 Bush Horses and Rock Art 0.7 MB
1994 Cochran Non-Symbolic Petroglyph Pecks: Random Particles or Purposeful Statements 0.7 MB
1994 Craig and Craig Recording Petroglyphs at the Little Black Mountain Site on the Arizona Strip 1.3 MB
1994 Curtis Petroglyphs Favor the Aikens and Witherspoon Theory of Numic Expansion in the Great Basin 4.3 MB
1994 Fountain Some Solar Interactions at Grapevine Canyon, Nevada 5.9 MB
1994 Freers The Occurrence of Hand Prints in the San Luis Rey Style, Southern California 1.7 MB
1994 Johnson Some Terrain Features Represented in Rock Art 0.6 MB
1994 Johnson A Unique Expression of the Venus Star Symbol Among the Petroglyphs of the Lower Colorado River 1.8 MB
1994 Manning Evidence from Pictographs That the Prehistoric Fremont Indians Collected Animal Blood in Ceramic Jars 3.3 MB
1994 Martin The Buckhorn Restoration Project 0.3 MB
1994 Patterson-Rudolph "The Yellow Women" Prehistoric Kachina Mask Paintings of The Keres 2.3 MB
1993 Ewing and Warner Abrasion - A Ritual Release of Power of Prehistoric Vandalism 1.7 MB
1993 Freeman and Warner Is There A Tao of Rock Art? 7.3 MB
1993 Johnson Sculpting The Missing Part of The Panel 3.8 MB
1993 Patterson-Rudolph Seeking Power At Willow Creek Cave 3.4 MB
1993 Romero Site Steward Program: 1993 URARA Symposium 0.4 MB
1993 Rudolph An Ancient Solar Observatory At Willow_Creek, California 13.9 MB
1993 Warner Symbolic Solar Interactions As A New And Valid Resource 1.4 MB
1993 Warner and Warner When You Find Faces In The Shadows, Listen To Them, They Can Talk To You 6.5 MB
1993 Webb An Anglo's Perception of Indian Belief 1.1 MB
1992 Allee Invocations To The Gods: The Southeastern Utah Fremont Pictographs 3.3 MB
1992 Apostoledes The_Masks_of_Three_Rivers 0.3 MB
1992 Bush Stone Spiders 0.5 MB
1992 Curtis Is_It_Really_Art? 0.4 MB
1992 Duncan Keynote Address (an historical overview, as to where the Ute people were and where they are today) 0.8 MB
1992 Johnson Coincidence and Alignment Examination and Alternate Hypothesis to Explain Interactive Panels 1.0 MB
1992 Patterson-Rudolph The Importance of Place: Valcamonica, Italy 2.0 MB
1992 Prescott A Unique Map In Stone 1.1 MB
1992 Warner Sun Mystery and Places of Power: Solar Observations and Symbolism at the Head of Sinbad 2.8 MB
1991 Bush, Bush, Bush & Bush Drawing Rock Art 1.7 MB
1991 Curtis Little Blue Table Revisited 6.0 MB
1991 Delong and Pijoan The Great White Bear Panel 5.6 MB
1991 Johnson Accuracy And Declination Using Panel Activity To Answer Rock Art Questions 17.3 MB
1991 Kraut and Johns Friends of the Kokopelli 1.9 MB
1991 Manning A Modal Based Classification System For Rock Art: Research Overcoming Stylistic Methodological Problems 6.8 MB
1991 Morris The Great Mother 10.4 MB
1991 Patterson and Patterson Comments On The Cave Valley Style of Rock Art In Southern Utah and Northern Arizona 3.1 MB
1991 Snyder and Golio Petroglyph Surveys of South Mountains: 1964-1991 2.2 MB
1991 Stoney Grimes Point Nevada: How Has The Rock Art Fared At A Developed Interpretative_Site 1.1 MB
1991 Stoney Has The Pharanagat Man Passed Your Way 1.4 MB
1991 Strange A Budget of Ignorance: Yours and Mine, Professional And Amateurs In Rock Art 10.6 MB
1991 Warner Solar Observations And Symbolism At A Well Known Site In The Book Cliffs 4.7 MB
1990 Arthur and Arthur Preliminary Report On East 4-Mile_Draw Solar Panel Site - 1990 2.5 MB
1990 Bush If Rocks Could Talk 1.0 MB
1990 Bush Glyph Technique 1.5 MB
1990 Curtis Little Blue Table 4.4 MB
1990 Johnson Establishing A Uniform Terminology For Descriptions of Solar Interactions With Rock Art Panels 2.1 MB
1990 Johnson Methodology For Identifying, Observing, Recording, and Reporting Solar Intractive Rock Art Panels 1.8 MB
1990 Johnson Implications of Solar Interactive Panels For Rock Art Protection 1.1 MB
1990 Manning The Lobed-Circle Image In Basketmaker Petroglyphs of Southeastern Utah 16.8 MB
1990 Manning Archaeoastronomical Observations In Westwater Canyon, Utah 16.5 MB
1990 Morris The Philosophy of Ernst Cassier As Applied To Rock Art At Parowan Gap, Utah 5.1 MB
1990 Morris Parowan Gap II 2.7 MB
1990 Patterson-Rudolph Animals As Metaphors In Rio Grande Petroglyphs 8.5 MB
1990 Warner The Tse' Hataalii of Coppermine, Arizona 0.6 MB
1990 Warner The Unobvious Symbolism At Coppermine Springs, Arizona 0.7 MB
1988 Allen Grand Canyon Polychrome Pictographs 1.7 MB
1988 Allen The Condor Over Nazca 0.7 MB
1988 Warner Solar Observations On A Tributary To Ferron Creek 2.4 MB
1988 Warner Solar Observations At Quitchupah, Utah 1988-1989 3.4 MB
1988 Warner Solar Observations At The Red Ledges 4.3 MB
1988 Warner The Reversed U Bracket Forms and Context That Express An Affiliation To Concepts Involving Double Entities 5.5 MB
1988 Warner The Bisected Circle Forms and Contexts That Express An Affiliation To Concepts Involving Double Entitities 8.1 MB
1988 Warner Female Sexual Identification In Rock Art - A Problem of Gender And Values 2.5 MB
1987 Manning Optical Phenomenon At Red Sands Cave 1.7 MB
1987 Manning Distribution And Cultural Affiliation of Large Two-Stranded Pendant Necklaces In The Rock Art of The Colorado Plateau - A Preliminary Report 1.7 MB
1987 Morris The Great Balloon Fly At Mussentuchit I and II 65.0 MB
1987 Warner Blanket-Like Geometric Designs In Clear Creek Canyon 3.3 MB
1987 Warner The Examination of Double_Entitities - The Application of Symbolism 2.2 MB
1987 Warner A New Look At Hunting Shaman 1.4 MB
1987 Warner Solar Observations In Clear Creek Canyon 1985-1987 3.1 MB
1987 Warner Sunbirds - A Possible Symbol of Transformation 2.4 MB
1987 Warner and Rayl Summer Solstice Observations and Symbolism At A Barrier Style Panel In Pleasant Creek 1.3 MB
1987 Warner and Rayl Pleasant Creek Solar Observations 4.3 MB
1987 Warner and Shirar Solar - Observations And Symbolism At Dry Wash Utah 1986 1.4 MB
1986 Bowen Engraved Stones of Cedar Valley, Utah 2.0 MB
1986 Garn Cleft Cave - A Unique Panel of Petroglyphs In Southern Utah 0.6 MB
1986 Garn Arizona's Ho'ok Geoglyph 0.7 MB
1986 Garn Arizona's Ho'ok Geoglyph - Part II 0.7 MB
1986 Lance Ancient Sun Calendar In Southeast Utah 0.4 MB
1986 Quinn Rock Art Through The Ages - A Multi Component Rock Art Site In Westwater Canyon, Grand County, Utah 1.1 MB
1986 Quinn A Possible Rough Dating Method For The Cub Creek Rock Art Site In Dinosaur National Monument, Uintah_County, Utah 0.8 MB
1986 Warner Solar Observations At_Black Point, 1985-1986 1.8 MB
1986 Warner Bocks Canyon As A Hunt And Drive Site 1.3 MB
1986 Warner and Warner Sunheaded Figures - A Study in Symbolism 2.2 MB
1985 Garn Evidence of Recent Vandalism At The Hopi Clan Symbol Site Near Willow Springs, Arizona 0.6 MB
1985 Quinn A New Appraisal of Fremont Rock Art 0.2 MB
1985 Strange Visions Progress Displacement And Design at Parowan Gap 1.0 MB
1985 Stuart An Unusual Cache of Painted Bison Bone From Eastern Box Elder County, Utah 0.8 MB
1985 Warner An Introduction To Problems In Element And Concept Identification And Interpretation 1.0 MB
1985 Warner Barrier Canyon Style Solar Shrines-An Argument For Rock Art And Ceremony 1.5 MB
1985 Warner Procedures To Define A More Complete Context For Engraved Stones Found On Surface Sites 1.0 MB
1985 Warner Importance of Defining A More Complete Context of Engraved Stone Found On Surface Sites 0.8 MB
1985 Warner and Harper A Plains-Like Panel On Ferron Creek 0.5 MB
1989 Bailey Endangered Wasatch County Pictograph Site 0.8 MB
1989 Bush The Swastika - A Native American Symbol 0.8 MB
1989 Cole Keynote Address (the discipline of archaelogy and its limitations and potentials for the study of rock art) 0.7 MB
1989 Curtis The Shield Figures of Southwestern Idaho 2.0 MB
1989 Freestone Observations of Little Brush Creek Solar Site #1 0.6 MB
1989 Manning A Reappraisal of The Cave Valley Style 0.9 MB
1989 Morris The Two-Headed Goat Lives 1.4 MB
1989 Ogden A Utah Medicine Wheel 0.4 MB
1989 Rayl Dramatic Solar Light Incorporation 0.3 MB
1989 Warner Transformations I - Man To Animal - Animal To Animal 1.9 MB
1989 Warner Transformations II - Man To Bird 1.1 MB
1984 Manning Expanding The Aerial Distribution of Barrier Canyon Style Rock Art 1.6 MB
1984 Manning and Warner Minimum Standards for Recording Rock Art for URARA 1.6 MB
1984 Manning and Warner Some Specific Problems And Goals Facing Rock Art Researchers In Utah 1.4 MB
1984 Morris The Solar Observatory At Muddy And Rochester Creek 19.0 MB
1984 Norman Identifying Solstice And Equinox Petroglyphs In Northeastern Utah and Their Cultural Relations 1.0 MB
1984 Norman A Winter Solstice Sun Watch Station At Petroglyph Panel P-17 In Dry Fork Ashley Valley, Uintah Basin 1.3 MB
1984 Norman An Equinox Watch Station In Cottonwood Canyon As A Possible Marker For Annual Spring Hunting Ritual 1.5 MB
1984 Noxon and Marcus Two Proposed Rock Art Documentation Supplement Forms and User's Guide for The Intermountain Antiquities Computer System 4.2 MB
1984 Strange Strange The Solstice Observatory at Juniper Cave 0.4 MB
1984 Stuart An Unusual Western Utah Painted Style Pictograph In Timpie Valley, Utah 0.6 MB
1984 Warner The Engraved Pebble Style from Utah Valley 0.8 MB
1984 Warner Notch Canyon As A Solar Observation Site 1.5 MB
1984 Warner The Polychrome Panel In Black Dragon Canyon 1.1 MB
1984 Warner The Determination of Rock Art Panels As Active Solar Observation Sites 4.0 MB
1984 Warner and Warner Some Unique Horizonal Sunrise And Sunset Markers In Black Dragon Canyon 1.3 MB
1984 Woodruff A Bibliography of Utah Rock Art 4.0 MB
1983 Harris A Comparative Study of Specific Signs From Six Anasazi Sites With Mythological Ties To The Pueblo War Twins 3.9 MB
1983 Manning A Repetitive Symbol In The Rock Art of Indian Creek 0.3 MB
1983 Martineau Statement of Environmental Impact of Quail Creek Dam, One of Washington County's Finest Petroglyph Sites 2.6 MB
1983 McNamara The Computerization of Rock Art In The Intermountain Antiquities Computer System 7.3 MB
1983 Rauer Running Bear State Park - A Proposal 5.1 MB
1983 Rauer Ancient Alphabets in the West 0.2 MB
1983 Rauer and Manning Site Record Committee Report 5.1 MB
1983 Warner The U Bracket In A Unique Association 2.8 MB
1983 Warner The Enclosure-Another Concept 3.3 MB
1983 Warner Equinox Observations In Indian Creek, Utah, During_1981-1982 4.1 MB
1983 Warner Winter Solstice Observations In Indian Creek 1981-1982 4.8 MB
1983 Warner An Analysis of Head Form And Head Gear of The Inverted Bucket-Head Headhunters 6.3 MB
1983 Warner The Eared Variants of the Inverted Bucket Head and Their Association With Bear-Like Elements 7.3 MB
1982 Ashment Toward a Philosophy of Scholarship 0.1 MB
1982 Manning Rock Art In The Gibson Dome Area 0.1 MB
1982 McCreery A Winter Solstice Site in Indian Creek Canyon, Utah 0.2 MB
1982 Miller Rock Art As A Religious Tool 0.8 MB
1982 Warner Concrete Concept Associations 0.6 MB
1982 Warner Figurines And Their Similarity To Rock Art Figures 1.4 MB
1982 Warner A Solstice Site On Ferron Creek 0.5 MB
1982 Warner Summer Solstice Observations In Indian Creek 1.0 MB
1982 Warner Archaeoastronomy Sites In Indian And Davis Creeks 0.1 MB
1981 Hunt Desert Varnish - Summary of Investigations 0.1 MB
1981 Manning An Hypothesis For A Pueblo IV Date For The Barrier Canyon Style 0.2 MB
1981 Warner Statistical Programs Available for Computer Analysis of Rock Art 0.1 MB
1981 Warner Presence And Absence 0.5 MB
1981 Warner Indicators 0.2 MB