Patina - All Publications

Year Title Author
2020 URARA Online Presentations - YouTube
2022 The Sound of Thunder: Acoustical Project on the San Juan River Waller and Patterson
2020 Lost Rock Art of the Columbia River - Volume I Hughes
2020 Lost Rock Art of the Columbia River - Volume II Hughes
2020 Musings About the Diamond Creek Owl Gohier
2020 Rock Art of Dinetah: Stories of Heroes and Healing Jenkinson
2020 Rock Art Images Wrapped Around the Corner: The Three Rivers 3D Masks van Hoek
2020 Twenty Rock Art Do's and Don'ts Malotki and Dissanayake
2020 Itamu umumi yooya' okiwni "We Will Arrive As Rain to You": Evidence of Historical Relationships among Western Basketmaker, Fremont, and Hopi Peoples McNeil and Shaul
2019 Columbian Mammoth and Ancient Bison: PaleoIndian Petroglyphs along the San Juan River near Bluff, Utah, USA Malotki
2018 Western Basketmakers: Social Networking among Uto Aztecan Foragers and Migrant Farmers on the Colorado Plateau McNeil and Shaul
2018 Navajo_Rock_Art Dave Manley
2017 The Kiowa Odyssey: Evidence of historical relationships among Pueblo Fremont and Northwest Plains peoples Ortman and McNeil
2017 The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Claims_for Proboscidean Depictions in_North_American Parietal and Mobiliary_Art Malotki
2016 Delicate Shaman, Wayne County, Utah Dave Manley
2015 Solstice Serpent-2015 Dave Manley
2008 Recurrence of Bear Restoration Symbolism: Minusinsk Basin Evenki and Basin-Plateau Ute McNeil
2007 Experiencing rock art: A phenomenological investigation of the Barrier Canyon tradition Michael Firnhaber
2006 Horseshoe Flood Chris Rhodes
1998 Agave As A Trade Item Elaine Holmes
1994 Illustrated Dictionary of Rock Art Terms
1993 Patina Volume 1